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Topic: Does anyone else do this?

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    Does anyone else do this?


    Before I got GIGA Studio, I, stupidly, bought GIGA Sample CD's, Like the Amp's and Pickup's pack 1 n 2 from S.I., Pure Guitars, and S.I.'s Drume Series. What i did to actually use them, was use CDXtract 4.5 to convert the .gig files to sound font files, and use those MegaSF's to render my compositions with. Anyone ever do this before? My results were nothign but amazing:

    Take a Listen to my favorite composition with MegaSFs


    ALSO, any feedback on the song would be great!

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    Re: Does anyone else do this?

    Very good. I'm surprised that you were able to use soundfonts of that size. I really like this piece. Stands out around here.

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    Re: Does anyone else do this?

    Why thank you!

    Yeah, what I'd do is compose the music in DirectMusic Producer 9, then export it as a MIDI. I'd then use Audio Compoitor 4.5 to import a SF (it can import ANY size of one, too, and have little to NO lag), then render each MIDI track to a wave file, then use GoldWave's Multiquence to overlay the wave files. Its a little bit out of the way, but it gets the job done.


    Bonus points to whoever can guess what the 1st guitar (playing rythem from the very start) is.

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    Re: Does anyone else do this?


    Very nice composition. I'm listening for the second time, and really enjoying it. You've got a great future ahead of you at your age.

    The only thing that I noticed was that there is some distortion in the flute part. Sounds like it clipped a bit. Try lowering the level on it just a few db and see if that fixes it.

    -- Martin

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