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Topic: GPO newbie'd like to write fast arpeggio

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    Question GPO newbie'd like to write fast arpeggio

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    Hi ! Although I registered about 6 months ago I'm still a GPO (big) newbie since I used it only 2 or 3 times (megashame on me, but I really had NO time).

    I would like to write some very fast arpeggio passages with violin sections (kind of "à la" John Williams, Harry Potter), what would be the best way to do this ? What CC should I use to have the best effect ? I'de be very grateful if anyone could help me gain some time here.

    Also are there some staccato flutes or something equivalent in GPO ? I can only find sustain flutes (with MW velocity control)...

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: GPO newbie'd like to write fast arpeggio

    The best way to do fast arpeggios would depend on if they're legato or not. If legato, then use the Sustain+short and use the legato mode of the sustain pedal. This will smooth out the notes without having fading in attacks.

    GPO uses flex envelopes for staccato instruments. To play staccato, play each note short and at a pretty high velocity. This will allow the flex envelope attack to be faster. Lower velocies cause slower attacks.

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    Re: GPO newbie'd like to write fast arpeggio

    Thank you very much Haydn ! I'm gonna play with that right away !

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