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Topic: Studio monitor (speakers) question

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    Question Studio monitor (speakers) question

    Hi guys I'm wanting to upgrade from my old computer speakers I've been using for years and looking at getting something like the Mackie 824 and notice they have a different connector on the back compared to my plug and play speakers I use now. What type of connector do I need to use these. Also If I connect them to my sound card ( I use Echo Mia midi and the M -Audio audiophile on the other comp) do I just plug the speakers into them, or do I need a receiver or amp? What other hidden costs would I be looking at. I want at least 2 stereo speakers, but I have budgeted for surround If I go that rout. I just wanted to make sure there is no other hidden costs I'm not thinking of. The speakers would be used as refference as I make multimedia sounds,music, and possible trailor work.
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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question


    I don't know that particular model, but I can answer your questions. THere are two typical connectors, XLR and 1/4 inch. Your soundcards should at least support 1/4 inch, they may even support XLR (XLR is considered more "pro").

    You could hook the speakers directly up to your soundcard if the speakers are "powered" or "active" - you will know this right away when looking at any online info for them. This means they have a preamp built-in. If they are not "powered" or "active" - then you will need a seperate amp. Happy shopping!
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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    The Mackie 824's are powered and need a line level signal, either 1/4" or XLR. You can connect your sound card's output to them directly, but you should check for matching levels. The 824's may or may not be able to handle a -10 signal, and your sound card may or may not be sending out a +4 signal.

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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    Thx for the info, I suspected as much. Good point about matching the signals! How would I be able to tell this?
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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    The Audiophile is -10 and the Echo Mia midi supports both +4 and -10

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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    Another possible solution is to use a basic mixer to control volume levels coming from your sound card to your monitors. I have the Mackie HR624's, and have a Behringer Eurodesk in the middle of the signal, for the sole purpose of attenuating the signal down. Otherwise, I'd have to attenuate from the soundcard's digital mixer, or fiddle around with the amp on the back of the Mackie's.

    The Mackie's can get VERY loud, so if you don't pay special attention to what you're doing, you can scare the crap out of yourself!

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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    Hi Seth, the Audiophile card does not have 1/4" jack or XLR as far as analog goes they are RCA jacks.

    As far as monitoring levels, depending on your needs you may not have to spring for a whole mixing desk.

    I use a Samson C-control, it gives me a volume control I can grab (instead of clicking the sound card software), a seperate headphone volume, plus the ability to plug in 3 different sets of speakers and switch between them for reference mixing.

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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    The 824's will take either a -10 or a +4 signal so this shouldn't matter so long as you know what your interface is outputting and set them accordingly.

    As for the RCAs, can't you just get an adaptor for this?

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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question

    Quote Originally Posted by Daedalus
    As for the RCAs, can't you just get an adaptor for this?
    Hi Daedalus, yes you are right, I was merely stating what the Audiophile does (and doesnt) come with.
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    Re: Studio monitor (speakers) question


    If you want to output both computers to the Mackie 824s, get yourself a small mixer. Take the output of each computer to a stereo channel on the mixer, and take the output of the mixer to the Mackies. That will also allow you to adjust the levels so they are not too loud.

    I have a pair of Genelec monitors on my desk with a Mia soundcard. I take the output of the Mia to a small line mixer (Behringer Ultralink Pro - because we already had several) and then to the monitors. Works great. Less filling.

    -- Martin

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