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Topic: thanks Xavier

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    thanks Xavier


    i'd like to thankyou for the job you are doing with kontakt;
    i own the bos 290 and with your patches it has got MUCH and MUCH better.
    it is more playable, consistent, real, etc....
    knowing that you are working on the black grand is a big impulse for me to order it when it is released.

    please keep on with your job.

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    Re: thanks Xavier

    Thanks a lot! :-)

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    Unhappy Re: thanks Xavier

    Do you have any demo MP3's which show off the tweaks you are doing?
    You've implemented mid-note pedalling, for one - yes?

    My demo version of Kontakt won't open these demo pianos. All I have is Gigastudio.


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    Re: thanks Xavier

    I don't have yet mp3 demo of the Black Grand.
    For the improvements, they're quite the same i did on the other pianos (see http://jazzphoton.free.fr ), but as the Black Grand is still under development, i haven't taken time to really sharply tweak it.
    If you have a midi demo to render with one of my improved piano (or even with my current patch for the Black Grand Ambient), you can sent it to me thru my web page (there's a link to contact me).

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    Re: thanks Xavier

    Ah - thanks - I didn't know about your web site.

    What I was hoping for, though, was a very careful demo of the features you have added, so I can clearly hear, and understand, what you have done. It may be that it's too tricky to demo properly, and I just need to play it to fully appreciate it?


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    Re: thanks Xavier

    I.e - I don't even know exactly what I should put in my MIDI file, if I were to send you one. I don't yet have a clear understanding of what you have actually done. The demo recordings sound very nice, though.


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