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Topic: A Decibel tool panel

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    A Decibel tool panel


    Nowadays we use enhancing tools such as alternate tools and legato tools. But there is still something that could help a lot to accomplish realistic orchestrations.

    I mean a tool from where the articulations could be switched in respect to decibels ranges set by the user in a panel.

    Here is an example for solo violin in channel one (The decibel ranges are wrong but that's not the point):

    10-15 Db = sustain pp
    15-20 Db = sustain p
    20-25 Db = sustain mf
    30-35 Db = sustain f
    40-45 Db = sustain ff

    So if we would choose sustain and vary velocities when playing, this Decibel tool would switch to the articulation matching the decibel reached.

    Since velocity versus decibels relation may vary in different libraries that could be an interesting path for people using many libraries in a mock-up.

    Maybe a decibel ranges panel is not feasible. With midi-ox it could be possible to build a velocity ranges panel.

    A Decibel panel would be the best. Is this possible?


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    Re: A Decibel tool panel


    The suggestion has been sent to FX-MAX. Their AMP tool could for sure do set decibels rules.

    With decibels settings for each instrument we could recreate the exact proportions among all instruments on a stage.


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