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Topic: Kora Samples?

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    Kora Samples?

    I really need some Kora (african harp) samples (multisamples not phrases). Does someone knows of some available on the net for free or that can be buyed as a download? (I need them ASAP, so waiting for a library to be phisically shipped is not ideal)



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    Re: Kora Samples?


    I have Ethno World 2, which contains 2 dynamic layer multisamples of the Cora, with some additional percussional fx, chords and note repetitions. You'll have to buy the rest of the set as well...but the other instruments (around 70, including chinese zither harp as well) are also great. I don't know of any other cora multisamples.

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    Re: Kora Samples?

    Thanks a lot for your reply, but this set it too much expensive given that I only need the kora samples

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