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Topic: GPO Studio crashes when memory is high

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    GPO Studio crashes when memory is high

    Hey there, I have 1G of memory on my PC and when I'm loading instruments into GPO Studio, the app crashes when my memory usage gets to around 920M. I'm not very knowledgable about how XP manages memory, but is there a way to get Studio to use those last 80M of memory? Ideas, anyone?

    I also have Logic Audio running at the same time. I don't know if that makes a difference at all.



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    Re: GPO Studio crashes when memory is high

    I too, am not all that much of an adept "geek", or "pc wizard" , although I have just built my first pc and is a success, largely, or mostly, I am afraid you might not appreciate what I have to say... which is... count your blessings with what you got(frankly)...In my experience, when you have an 80gb hard drive, you are always advised not to expect the whole disk as defined in mb's , per se, and I know thats a completely different thing, but trust me, I would not say this if I did not feel very confident in saying it......... this "rule" is universally applicable , where pc's are concerned. if you are accomplishing half of what you set out to do, remember that is 50% worth of that which you previously had nothing.. which to me, converts into 100% easily with a little "optimism" and "attitude"
    hope this is a positive for you

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