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Topic: Percussive adventure

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    Percussive adventure

    I can't afford any more stuff right now. (I've been spending way-y-y too much)

    But with all the talk of Storm Drum and Culture and DKFH, I decided I needed to see what I could do with the free tools I've picked up with advice here on NS. (G-Town, Timmy-Z, NS BigKit)

    I wanted to do a quirky TV show opening type of thing. (6 ft under rip at the end//accidental-but I do l.ove that piece)

    Plus GPO Marimba, Gold cymbal, Cameleon (lots of Cameleon), Trilogy.


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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Sounds really good, what is Timmy-Z?
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Actually, not sure if I have that right. Why did I say that? Westgate Studios! I might be getting some people mixed up. Anyway its his Auxiliary Percussion.

    Westgate Studios

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Nice piece!
    I agree, something's missing.
    How 'bout an alto sax with a smooth jazzy melody over it?

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Ditto what Sharmy said (word for word)

    Although, I still like the piece on it's own.....


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    Re: Percussive adventure

    I really like how you used the percussions .
    Great piece

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    thank you, for posting.

    I was writing the underscore.

    Er, um, I just forgot to do that.

    Great comment. It hits home. I've done that a number of times. I think its just what's on top. But this one's too mixed up to hear any single line.

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Tried downloading twice but Winamp won't play this file.

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Skirenko
    Tried downloading twice but Winamp won't play this file.
    Its an mp3. I thought it would play on all systems. Is anyone else on a PC able to hear it?

    Any ideas on a better format or some other thing that I'm doing wrong in posting?

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    Re: Percussive adventure

    It works fine on my winamp...

    That sounds nice. I forgot how good trilogy sounded.

    Also the cymbal at 0:24 sounds really good. Where is that from?

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