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Topic: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

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    Smile GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    Wonder if Tascam will be making any special announcements tomorrow regarding GS3. Wouldn't surprise me if they have been keeping back final details of the included libraries, any other goodies they have up their sleeves and the actual release date until Summer NAMM tomorrow. (It is tomorrow isn' t it ?)

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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    We can only hope.

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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    UK's Turnkey must have believed 'the end of July' as they have GS3 packages advertised in the latest Sound on Sound magazine:

    Tascam GS3 Solo- £150 ($270)

    Tascam GS3 Ensemble- £250 ($450)

    Tascam GS3 Orchestra- £450 ($810)

    Even though the USA average salaries are higher than in Europe we always pay more!! The dollar prices above are exchange rate conversions!!

    They also advertise Tascam Gigapulse as an independent plug-in but the price is TBA. Maybe it's really going to happen at Summer NAAM?


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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    I noticed that in the new issue. I hope Best Service in germany will be somewhat cheaper than that

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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy Heern
    UK's Turnkey must have believed 'the end of July' as they have GS3 packages advertised in the latest Sound on Sound magazine:
    Turnkey have been advertising GS3 at these prices in Sound on Sound at least since May.

    Anyway ... at least Tascam seems to have taken the plunge and issued a press release on its main page saying it will be released in July .... and while we all know Synthetic is saying 3rd of August ... this is the first time Tascam have published a date on their main page.

    BTW someone on the VSL forum says they are now taking pre-orders by phone, and that the sales guy assured she would have her copy delivered by the end of next week.

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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    Thomanns prices look excellent -

    Ensemble 249EUR/169 GBP - approx 304USD (Tascam - 369USD)

    Solo 139EUR/95GBP - approx 171 USD (Tascam - 199USD)

    Don't see one listed for Orchestra yet...


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    Smile Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    " Don't see one listed for Orchestra yet..."

    It's there only 419 euro

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    Question Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    So...? Did they finally announce something?

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    Talking Re: GS3 Announcements Tomorrow ???

    Yeah, the big announcement was that they are releasing GS3 no later than August 26th.

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