Free playable demo instruments of EMPEROR & OLD LADY

The Full demos:
These playable demos files are using the original 24 bits/48kHz samples, all 12 velocities pedal up and down, all C's and a middle octave. The files below should all be downloaded in the same folder and then be extracted. It extracts to a 1 GB demo file. It lacks the re-iterated pedal stuff though. Hey, it's a demo!
We have hosted the large demos of the Emperor and Old Lady here: The files you need for the Halion/Kontakt Old Lady full demo are:
Demo files
• HalOldLadyDemoFull.part01.rar
• HalOldLadyDemoFull.part02.rar
• HalOldLadyDemoFull.part03.rar

The files for the Halion/Kontakt Emperor full demo:
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part01.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part02.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part03.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part04.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part05.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part06.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part07.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part08.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part09.rar
• HalDemoEmperorFull.part010.rar
Each file is max. 50 MB.
* To extract these files on a PC make sure all other files are in the same folder and use WinRar (free download from On a Mac you need either MacRar or Stuffit 8.2

In order to run these demos in Kontakt you need to copy and paste all the samples of each piano from their normal folders and move them to one folder and download these Kontakt multi’s: and
Kontakt will ask you where the samples are located: just click FIND and point to the folder where you placed all the samples. Answer the next question (Use this folder for the remaining samples?) with YES and continu loading the multi. If a sample is missing just ignore it.

The Small demos: Small demos
These demos have truncated samples (to max 6 seconds) and use 16 bits/44.1 samples. This conserves data space and these demo files are once extracted not bigger than 120 MB each.
• OLD LADY small demo: DemoOldLadySmallHal.rar (30 MB)
• EMPEROR small demo: HalEmperorSmall.part1.rar (50 MB) and HalEmperorSmall.part2.rar (4 MB)

These small demos should also work with the Kontakt multi’s above but this is not confirmed yet.
* To extract these files on a PC make sure all other files are in the same folder and use WinRar (free download from On a Mac you need either MacRar or Stuffit 8.2

GigaStudio 2 (beta)
Free playable OLD LADY beta demo gig file 176 MB downloadable WinRar file. This beta demo file expands to a 800 MB, 16 bit GigaStudio 2 file, with 2 full playable octaves and all A-notes. 4 Presets are available: Normal, real-time re-pedalling, no-sustain and only-sustain versions. Every instrument should be stacked in GigaStudio with the Release instrument wich is also included.
Free playable demo The Emperor! 310 MB downloadable WinRar file. This file expands to a full 800 MB 16 bits gigastudio file, with full octave and all C’s and A’s. There are two gigastudio performance files to set up the mixer environment. All 25 recordings for each key are included. The first performance file loads the 8 layer pedal up and down version in midi port 1 and the release instrument in midi port 2. There is an additional sustain pedal down layer in midi port 3 that gets a little reverb to overcome the sudden cut-off when the pedal is released. The second performance loads the 12 layer pedal up instrument in midi port one, the 12 layer pedal up instrument in midi port nstrument in midi port 2 and the release layer in midi port 3 to make you play the full instrument.
* Final demo files for GigaStudio 3 will be distributed on DVD’s later.
**If you have trouble downloading the demo mp3’s or the demo gig files write to or visit the on-line shop to get a cd-rom with all these files.

As always, please let us know what you think: we value your feedback!