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Topic: Need for GigaVST?

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    Need for GigaVST?

    Here is what the Tascam site says about their rewire support...

    ReWire: GigaStudio 3.0 supports ReWire routing into sequencing/recording applications such as Cubaseª, Nuendo¨, Sonarª, and Pro Tools¨. MIDI from the DAW is routed to GigaStudio. ReWire allows audio generated from GigaStudio to be sent into the DAW application where it automatically shows up on faders within the DAW's mixer section.

    I would like to use Gigastudio inside V-Stack as a vst instrument, V-Stack supports rewire. wouldn't the purchase of GigaVST just be a duplication of the technology i'm getting in Giga 3???


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    Re: Need for GigaVST?

    Apparently the GVA can store and recall settings for Gigastudio 3. I don't think this is the case with the Rewire implementation. Not sure of any other advantages.

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    Re: Need for GigaVST?

    With Rewire, Giga (or anything else) has to run on the same machine as your sequencer.

    VST Adaptor is for running it on another machine. It's ment to work with VST Teleport. I wouldn't count on it working with V-Stack...

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    Re: Need for GigaVST?

    Giga VST does work with V-Stack because i have it working just fine on one computer. Teleport is for sending audio and midi between two pc's not to be used on the same pc.

    My question is, If giga 3 can function as a rewire slave to V-Stack than how does that differ from what GigaVST can do?


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    Re: Need for GigaVST?

    Giga and others with GVA,

    Can you comment on how well GVA has worked for you? I have installed on my Asus P4PE, Intel P4 2.0, 1.5 GB RAM, Audiophile 2496 using Cubase SX and GS160 Vers. 2.54. It works, but there are plenty of clicks and pops at any sort of reasonable DMA buffer setting...anything under 256 doesn't cut it. I have messed around with every setting I can find in GS but to no avail. Any ideas? I didn't get much direction looking at the FX-Max forum.

    I'm completely new to GS, and I'm puzzled by the hard disk behaviour. Just running GS with GigaPiano, either stand alone or inside CUbase with GVA, I'm amazed at how little disk access is going on. I thought GS was supposed to stream off the hard disk, but it looks to me like it loads into memory and goes there if possible. This is a much different behaviour than Kontakt on the same machine, which heavily accesses the HD with a converted Giga Piano or other similar libraries...and produces no clicks or pops at lower DMW buffer settings.

    Sure hoping Rewire works out more favorably.

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    Re: Need for GigaVST?

    sorry . erroneous post.

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