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Topic: Some film score sketches

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    Some film score sketches

    Had the opportunity to try my hand recently at composing some parts for a 30 min. film by a talented local college filmmaker. Here is a collection of some of the different sketches I came up with.

    The music supervisor for the project loves the work (and he was very impressed with GPO) and is pushing for me to be used, but apparently though the director likes it for what it is, he wants more abstract, almost techno sounding stuff, which seems odd as it's very much an 1800's period piece. In any case, I tried a few samples of something more odd and ambient, which are at the end of this demo, but I'll have to see if anything ends up being used. My feeling is the orchestral stuff would work a lot better, but it's not my film and my 'vision', so... On its own it might sound a bit too moody and sad, but it would help to see the film work that this goes against, as I think it fits very well against that.

    Regardless, it has been a very good experience to work on this and I think I've already learned one of the tough lessons of scoring work, that ultimately it's the director's ballgame!
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    Re: Some film score sketches

    Its hard to know the etiquette when your a newbie. Do you just comment when you like something or not? I've decided to only comment on the pieces I really like. But...

    The feel is beautiful. Some lovely melodies and a seriously haunting feel and I loved that phased sound on the piano one of the middle bits. But that stuff at the end? Seriously? It just ruined the best piece of music I've heard on the forum!

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    Re: Some film score sketches

    Ha! Well, that's actually how I feel, too. Those last two bits were an attempt to try something along the lines of what the director said was more of what he wanted, from an example of ambient music that he had sent me. But especially if you saw the film piece that this was meant for, it would seem even more wrong. Actually, I would like to try composing more ambient/abstract stuff like that for a sci-fi or horror film or something really strange or modern, but for an 1870 period piece? Nah. Unfortunately, it's not my call, so... Glad you liked the piano/string stuff, though.
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    Thumbs up Re: Some film score sketches


    Good work!

    Excellent work. I like how you used the solo strings. You seemed to have captured the sweet spots and right intonation. I wasn't too crazy about the synth stuff, but I haven't seen the film and it may work in the world according to the director.

    Deadbeat... the etiquette on this forum is to offer constructive criticism. Members can comment when they like something or not. The rule is that if criticism is offered, try to include something to help the musician improve their work. Broad negative statements or advesarial comments are not helpful if not accompanied by helpful comments. See discussed this policy in this thread: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=21535

    Thanks for posting another outstanding piece Shaz!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Some film score sketches

    Very nice piece , good work .

    The electronic part is really interesting as well and i enjoyed it a lot , the only thing my ear did not like is the synth sine/triangle pad that kicked in at 1:33 , that sound is a bit annoying IMO , maybe it has too much resonance or bad filtering at the top EQ .

    Well, that's the only thing i felt disrupting the good flow , good work again

    EDIT : OOps, i had winamp on Elapsed, so the time is 3:20 , not 1:33
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    Re: Some film score sketches

    Good job. My favorite "sketch" is the part from about 2:18 to about 3:25 or so. The electronic part? I don't know. That kind of thing tends to sound futuristic to me. There's no time travel in this movie, is there?
    Richard Galbraith

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