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Topic: A quick hi from the Netherlands

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    A quick hi from the Netherlands

    Hi all !

    Just a quick note from the Netherlands, I've been away the last few weeks and really busy before that, so i didn't have the time to contribute to the forum.

    Just a few more weeks and I'll have some more time, can't wait to start working with GPO again.



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    Re: A quick hi from the Netherlands

    And here's a quick hi back from here to the Netherlands
    Never seen you around because I'm very new and naive
    ... and I would work with GPO but I have about |----------------------------------------------------------| this much of a writer's block at the moment... which is bad... but luckily I have no deadlines! ^_^ Anyway, how's it over there?

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    Re: A quick hi from the Netherlands

    Here's looking at you Ron! I for one missed that beady green eye of yours peering at us all the time. How have you been? Have you had your vitamins today? Do you drive a Chevrolet? You're not...hey, wait a minute! Where have you been young man!! You have some serious catching up to do around here now get to work and send us some music from the Netherlands!
    Are you sure you don't mean "Neverland"?

    Nice to hear from you Ron. Very nice indeed.

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    Re: A quick hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome back Ron!

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