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Topic: what giga switch

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    what giga switch

    i need to get a giga switch to LAN a few cpus together.
    what to get? what to look for ??

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    Re: what giga switch

    Mike, I have a Dlink 5 port Gigabit Switch. There not a bad size as you could have say 1 host machine plus four servers and the switch is obviously cheaper than an 8 port. And arr.... not as limited as a four port.

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    Re: what giga switch

    I bought a Netgear 5 port gigabit switch. It's silent because it has no fan, but of course it gets hotter than the fourth circle of hell though. Works great for me.

    Netgear 5 port Gigabit switch

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    Re: what giga switch

    can someone explain to me why you would need to have 2 computers (im new).

    am i right by assuming that theres some sort of software compatibility issue and THATS why networking 2 computers together is a good idea (2 computers, 2 programs running that arent compatible)

    forgive my newbieness.

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    Re: what giga switch


    Some of the libraries are so big that one machine usually doesn't have enough memory to load all the sounds in even with disk streaming. Also, you can only stream so many voices from a hard drive before it maxes it. QLSO has release samples which are the reverberate sound of the room that the samples were recorded in. These eat up large amounts of polyphony (number of notes).

    I have 2 machines that run Kontakt and another machine just for Giga. With 5 GB of RAM between the 3 machines. This allows me to pull off almost anything but I still run into limitations with certain samples.

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    Re: what giga switch

    i think im gonna need another computer....

    this is begenning to be an expensive hobby.

    and i assume you use gigastudio to piece all the audio together and complete the piece of music?

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