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Topic: Example

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    First piece using GPO.

    Well ok, it's not your average run of the mill classical piece, and uses some delay effects. But that's because it's for a MMORPG, the setting being like the everglades (sure you've all heard of them). Peaceful but mysterious, the mp3 file had to loop also, so here it is. Please leave a comment.

    Click here.
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    Re: First piece using GPO.

    It's a fun piece! For the most part I thought it worked very well. It's not my favorite style of music, but I think you accomplished your goal quite well. I just have two suggestions:

    I felt like some of it could have used some more strength in the lower registers. Having floaty, high lines works very well for a piece with the goal of creating that type of atmosphere, but I think it works even better when it's contrasted with low lines (for example, when you finally get the arco strings at the end, setting it against a bass might work; it might not, but you could try it).

    Secondly, some of the silences were too long for my taste, although that could be what you're looking for in the context of a background track. I thought the pause at 1:32 worked very well (that could even be emphasized more with a stronger emphasis on the instruments re-entering). The parts of the piece that I liked the most were that ones that were more melodic and constant (for example, I was enjoying the section prior to 4:00 where it fades out). All in all, though, it's a fun piece and works just fine like it is without any glaring bad spots or problems that need to be fixed.

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    Smile Re: Example

    I liked that alot. Very different from the usual posts in a very refreshing way. I dont know if it was the delay or what but it sounds really nice and wide for the most part. What if any, other processing did you use? Good job.


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    Re: Example

    This is my kind of music! Very nice. I really love this one. Another for the rotation list. You've got me interested in this online RPG. What's it called?

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    Re: Example

    Very interesting piece....I enjoyed that a lot.....and I thought the silences were very effective. Should be great in the game.


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    Re: Example

    Very nice piece. Definitely my kind of music.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Example

    Very nice.
    One pearl.
    Music is love in to my life
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    Re: Example

    Cheers for the comments you're real confidence boosters! ^_^
    Thanks Error, I might try the bass contrast in the 'night' version, and you're right the silences could prove too long, but as it's in-game, it's an effect that should be overlooked by the player, it's meant to add to the feel of the setting.

    The game is called Tiamet Theorem Online, it's getting there - slowly, the team's very dedicated! When there are some advances on the website I'll give a link, for the mean time you can check it out here although it's by no means uploaded much! People seem to think it's not very far ahead in the process because the site isn't too great!

    Eric, all I used was Sonar 3 and the delay effect and GPO - oh and reverb (obviously).

    And thanks to everyone for comments!

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    Re: Example

    Bump. Bodweiser needs to fix this link as this is still one of the most amazing GPO pieces EVER.

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