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Topic: monitors? Oh hep' me!

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    Question monitors? Oh hep' me!

    Yes, yes, I'm sorry this topic has been discussed ad infinitum but...
    My old hand me downs are biting the dust and I need a new set for some upcoming projects. Unfortunately money IS of concern. Now this might sound blasphemous to some, but can I get by with regular speakers of some sort? Studio monitors with their price tag are almost out of the question and I only have about $150 to spend. I ask this because an old drummer I knew used Sony bookshelf speakers of some sort and they sounded exceptional. So, you pros wipe those grins off your faces and tell me what you might recommend. Surely someone out here has at one time or another reverted to something other than $600 studio monitors for their mixes. Oh, and yes I have a mixing board so take that into consideration as well. Thanks guys!

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    One of the first monitor sets I got was the Edirol MD-10Ms. They have two sets of inputs, optical and coax - and headphone outs too. It's great for a small-size and small budget studio. They have since come out with 20Ms that look to have a bigger woofer, and a nice black finish to boot. Check them out.
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    Re: monitors? Oh hep' me!

    Check These Out

    I've heard people liken these to the NS-10s. Not much bass, but that can be a good thing, depending.

    I wouldn't stress too much. Just make sure you reference the crap out of your mixes and you'll eventually dial it in.
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    Smile Re: monitors? Oh hep' me!

    hey guys,
    Just wanna say thanks a lot for your help! I guess there are options in that price range.

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    Re: monitors? Oh hep' me!

    Then again, you could spend $100 on great headphones and the other $50 on cheap PC monitors. Dump the speakers when you get more cash. Keep the headphones for life.

    For flat response from closed headphones the Sony MDR-7506 (a bit bright, but sound great) and the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro (flatter, but sound a bit bland) fit the bill. For PC speakers, I like the Yamaha satellites & sub products (they've done a few models like this over the years). They're not flat, but the bass is reasonably deep and adjustable and they sound better than most. I'd bet that you could find some on ebay for cheap.

    By using the headphones as references you will be able to learn the character of your speakers and mix accordingly. When things sound good through both, your mixes will be ready to pull out of the oven.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: monitors? Oh hep' me!

    I am completely obsessive when it comes to monitors. I spend half my life as a mastering engineer and therfore monitors are my life. My current collection are Adam S3a's, Genelec S30s and 1030's. NHT pros are under my desk along with many other name monitors.
    I state all that to set up this off the wall suggestion.

    Years and years ago I bought a pair of Tannoy C-8's. They are tannoys home version of the then famous PBM 8's. Same speakers and crossovers but with a front ported cab.
    The pbm series was and are decent speakers but something about that front port gave the C-8s a ton of punch while the pbm just kind got murky on the low end (since the rear port was firing against the back wall).

    Here is a set of C 6's on ebay for under $100.
    Or a set of of the pbm 6's

    I pulled out my C8s from the basement a few weeks ago and they still are some sweet sounding speakers.
    For the money I don't think they can be beat.

    But as a previous poster hinted..... as long as you A/B your mixes against top quality masters, you really can mix on almost anything.
    Keep your speakers close and volume fairly low and your room is much less of an issue.

    Just a thought. Best of luck on your project.

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    Re: monitors? Oh hep' me!

    The Tannoy PBM 6.5's were the first nearfields I bought, and I absolutely loved them. Nice, clear top, good bottom for a 6.5" speaker, and extremely easy on the ears. (I later got the 6.5 MKII's and didn't like them as much) You didn't mention what kind of amplifier you might have, but I'd suggest a fairly hefty amp if you go with any passive nearfields like the Tannoys. 200 watts or more.

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