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Topic: Looking for Strummed Cello

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    Looking for Strummed Cello

    I am looking for high quality samples of strummed Cello, Viola, Violin, solo and/or small emsemble. My searches haven't yielded anything as of yet. Does anyone know of any out there?

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    Re: Looking for Strummed Cello

    I've never heard of such a sample on this forum (nor the request). Have you tried a pizz sample with a small delay between the four notes? Maybe applying a moderately slow attack would lessen the pluck sound enough to be convincing.

    Best of luck.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Looking for Strummed Cello

    I've tried that but it doesn't really cut it. Imagine a strummed ukelele for instance and think how that would sound if it were a viola instead, totally different feel, sound and attitude. There are recordings and music pieces of strummed cello, etc., which are quite unique in their sound. Eventually if the concept works, I'll record real players to do this, but being able to hear an approximation would be great to compose with and explore.

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    Re: Looking for Strummed Cello

    Nine Inch Nails used this playing technique in their song "The Perfect Drug" on a whole string section - two violins and two cellos - if I remember correctly.

    Might be cool as part of an avant-garde collection
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