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Topic: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

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    GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Alright guys, i know you get this a lot, but this is the final straw for me. ive weighed each option and im going to take the majority vote here, so just simpily reply GPO or EWQL for your vote. ill be getting the one most voted on.


    And yes, i ALREADY know the benifits for each, and im just conflicted between the two.

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Im sorry, I dont mean to sound like a grump but PLEASE!! Not another "GPO or Silver" thread! Do a search, listen to the demo's supplied and make your own decision.

    You cant seriously buy a library based on a vote here can you?

    Nothing personal, just had to get that off my chest.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Yes, i know, ive done all that, i just want a final opinion, either GPO or SO.

    Just a vote. No explanations given, weve all heard it before. I just want a vote.


    (And yes i can do it this way )

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Ill take that as a vote,

    GPO - 1
    EWQL - 0

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??


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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Don't you want to spend your money wisely instead of basing your decision on votes? GPO and Silver are two completely different sounding libraries. To my ears, if you're into that "hollywood" sound, Silver would suffice. If you're into a more traditional sounding orchestra, than GPO would suit your needs.

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    GPO - 1
    EWQL - 1

    (yes, im looking for a Lords of the Rings like quality)

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    Than why are you getting votes?

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    because i can either get a stereo-typed 'hollywood' sound, or get more realism with GPO, so im up in the air, and want the final vote. either way, ill be fine, im just lost.

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    Re: GPO or EWQL SO [silver]??

    I sympathise with you but the theory goes....

    When decisions are so close and the arguements on both sides are equally weighed then logically it doesn't matter which way you go. It's 50/50. In these circumstances you might as well toss a coin.....seriously! because it's so balanced in your mind it doesn't matter. It's the same in big business decisons....if you just can't decide then it just doesn't matter! Make the decision and get on with trying to find the time to make music!

    Toss a coin and buy one.......you'll have recriminations no matter which you buy! Then later on buy the other and you'll have the best of both worlds.

    They're both great sounding, great value libraries.....just be glad you're interested now and not 5 years ago.

    Just to make it harder for you I notice that a lot of folk are teasing real 'Hollywood sounding' stuff out of GPO these days and there's an upgrade due shortly

    Glad to help??

    If you go to the GPO general discussion and look for the Newbie/Nicebie thread there's an opinion there by someone who bought both which you may (or may not) find helpful.

    I make that GPO=x and Silver=x where x= any number.


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