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Topic: Music stores in LONDON???

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    Music stores in LONDON???

    I am going on a trip to London and was wondering if anyone know about any good music stores that sell sample cds. I allready know about Turnkey, but it looks like they don't have a very good selection on their site (when it comes to sample-cds), but I hope I'm wrong...

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    Re: Music stores in LONDON???


    There's a sample department in Turnkey's downstairs section. It's pretty big, but I would ring them up to check their stock before you go. Theoretically, you can buy just about anything from them - even if they don't have a title in stock, they'll order it in. I've bought everything from VSL to Spectrasonics libraries from them, BUT they did have to order them in. They'll "price beat" on anything you buy from them provided you can prove that the item is available cheaper elsewhere.

    You could also try Millennium Music in North London (Finchley, I think). Try their site for phone numbers: www.millennium-music.biz

    Time And Space have a venue in one of the big music stores in Oxford Street - either HMV or Virgin. Sorry can't remember exactly. Again, get the info from their site.

    Cheers and luck

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    Re: Music stores in LONDON???

    Its Virgin... I checked for some of the new VSL stuff a few weeks ago. The only VSL thing they had was Opus. But I beleive they have most of the mainstream cheaper stuff e.g. Spectrasonics, The Grand, Morphology etc.

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    Re: Music stores in LONDON???

    Thank you both for the information.

    The only "problem" now is that I am going on this trip with my girlfriend, so I don't think I'll get too much chance looking around for any of those shops. I have never been to London before, so I wonder if I will be able to find anything at all.

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