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Topic: output configuration error message

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    output configuration error message

    Just received my Garritan PO today and have installed it as a VST in Cakewalk project5 and as a standalone. In Cakewalk project5 when I load multis I get a message that states "the outputs configured in the loaded multi differ from the current output configuration". I don`t get this message when I use the standalone. I have an audiophile 2496 soundcard, Tascam US-122 USB audio/midi interface. Any thoughts?


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    Re: output configuration error message

    Hi Rick,

    I recall seeing this, but don't recall it being a show stopper. It was, in my case an informative message. It made me look at the audio outputs assigned for each instrument in the GPO multi, and adjusting the assignments to match my DAW's/computer's audio setup. Will this work for you?


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    Re: output configuration error message


    It only means that your output configuration differs from the configuration of the computer on which the Multi was created (mine). You can safely ignore it.


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