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Topic: EWQLSO Gold: System Requirements

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    EWQLSO Gold: System Requirements

    Hi everyone:

    Like a lot of people here, I purchased EWQLSO Silver a while ago. A few days ago I was considering upgrading to Gold and asked EW about what were the system requirements.

    The reply was something to the effect of "nothing short of a Mac G5 will do!"

    Can any mac users please confirm that this is the case? Surely, a lot of people are using Gold on their G4's, n'est ce-pas? What systems are you running Gold on?

    Many thanks in advance



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    Re: EWQLSO Gold: System Requirements

    Hi, if you want to realise full orchestral arrangements in realtime, you'll need at least two computers.

    I dont run Macs, but I have 1 computer with 1.5gb ram, 2.6ghz processor.
    The second machine has 1gb ram, 2ghz processor.

    You could get by with one machine and lots of ram, but you'll need to bounce tracks down as you go.
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    Re: EWQLSO Gold: System Requirements

    I have a mac G5, Dual 2G with 4G ram (I think you'd only need 3G of ram-.5 for system and 2 for Logic or any app).

    I can run anything I've yet thrown at it in Gold. I haven't even installed it on my G4 Dual 1G.

    Comparison of another product using NI Kontact technology.
    About 13 instruments available on the G4 Dual 1G.

    About 40-50 instruments available on the G5 Dual 2G.

    My guess is about 20 EWQLSO Gold instruments on a Dual G4 with 3G ram.
    But I never tried any orchestra on it with the NI DFD technology.

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold: System Requirements

    I'm able to run roughly 40 instruments inside Logic on my dual GB G4 with 1.5GB of RAM (the max). You want more than one computer to have instruments loaded up and ready to go, but you can get work done with one.

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