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Topic: 2004 Democaratic National Convention Drinking Game

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    Talking 2004 Democaratic National Convention Drinking Game

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    I will have to say, this is not mine, but I had to pass it along.
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    If any of you plan on watching the Democratic National Convention, I suggest in order to make it even remotely tolerable for viewing that you bust out a case or two of malt liquor and play the DNC drinking game. With each convention speaker take a shot of beer when any of the following words are mentioned:

    1. strength
    2. safe
    3. strong
    4. secure
    5. respected
    6. Vietnam
    "silver star" or "purple heart"

    Those are the easy ones, of course we could make a second tier for words from last election cycle :

    1. lockbox
    2. environment
    3. bridge
    4. power to the people or a combination of people and powerful
    5. family values

    for the above you should take 2 drinks because thats 2000 talking points, but hey since when have the Dems ever really had a message that didnt repeat itself every 4 years?

    As an added benefit, you can consume a full can of beer if any of the following is mentioned or occurs:

    1. Al Sharpton does a James Brown style jig on stage
    2. Hillary Clinton kisses her husband
    3. John Kerry kisses John Edwards
    4. Joe Lieberman bitchslaps Al Gore
    5. Christie Vilsack mentions "those brown people who I can't understand" or any half assed racial slur about those people who tend to do gardening work or drive a cab and generally bust their [nss][nss][nss] for a rich snobby bitch like her or Teresa Kerry for the prevailing "living wage" for under the table work
    6. Dennis Kucinich reveals that he is really a space alien

    Should be a good week of drunken sloth for anyone playing along. I bet I can get [nss][nss][nss][nss]faced in two hours just off shots given the first set of drinking words. I wouldn't doubt one of the third sets of items occurs, and my moneys on at least two (yeah I'm on to you Dennis).
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: 2004 Democaratic National Convention Drinking Game

    It would be easy to come up with a similar contest for the Republican convention, except that there would be deaths if you had to chug every time someone mooed or called for a salt lick.

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    Cool Re: 2004 Democaratic National Convention Drinking Game

    Sorry, couldn't help myself...

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