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Topic: Need "dark" Impulse Response...

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    Need "dark" Impulse Response...

    When I started the rock opera I'm working on, I started it with co-composer Darryl Kinley on a four-track in his basement.

    The recordings, though crude demos, had a great "dark" quality of the room acoustics - I am looking to reproduce that with an impulse? We have begun mocking-up final renditions of some of the tracks with samples and we're missing that "full" sound we had on the four-track.

    The basement had cement floors, with a small (10' by 10') wooden stage we built, cement walls and wooden celine (first-floor's floor). The heat and AC and bathroom pipes snaked around us in all directions. The whole thing summed up was a wonderfully full sounding, mellow, dark tone in its reverberation.

    I tried EQ'ing the highs out of an existing Impulse I have, but that really didn't work. Is the only way to recreate this "dark" quality to take an impulse of a similar basement?
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    Re: Need "dark" Impulse Response...

    Apart from sampling the original room-response, you could try to re-create it with Voxengo's Impulse Modeler, too.

    -> http://www.voxengo.com/imodeler/


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    Re: Need "dark" Impulse Response...

    Thanks Dietz,

    I demo'ed their Prestine Space, but must have over-looked this one. I'll give it a try, seeing how he doesn't live in that house anymore, I probably shouldn't go around shooting starter-pistols off... hehehe.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: Need "dark" Impulse Response...

    Alan, you may create a 'dark' (highly damped) room out of any reverb response in Pristine Space. Low-pass filter envelope works great for this.

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