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Topic: Newbie Sample Package Questions

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    Newbie Sample Package Questions

    I pre-ordered GigaStudio 3 for a scoring project. I've never used it -- but do have a strong musical background so hopefully all will be well on the tool.

    But I have some questions -- we're looking toward the community's expertise when it comes to purchasing some sample packages.

    I'm purchasing the Overdrive package for the heavy guitar. When it comes to the Orchestral sounds I think the VSL site has enough demos for us to figure out what we need.

    This film is a martial-arts, guns, sci-fi action picture, so for the scenes we're working on, my bro and I need the following:

    1) Techno textures - (industrial NIN type sounds, electronic drums, noisy synths, etc)
    2) Astral, dreamy textures - (washy snyths, dream pads, etc)
    3) Heavy Drums (Death Metal style, very realistic large kits, very mean, etc)

    Any help, suggestions, or ideas the most learned community can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    I recently, due to some answers given by the VSL forum purchased "Drum Kit From Hell 2" -- But I don't have it yet.

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Daxxus
    ...industrial NIN type sounds...
    If you happen to find these - please let me know

    Most of Trent's work is mangled acoustic performances and therefor may be hard to recreate via samples, unless, of course, you took acoustic samples and mangled them yourself.

    There are many free and low-cost VST's that'll be more than happy to destroy the original sound - you can find help about those in the VST section on this forum.

    As for drums, I put in an order two days ago for Scarbee Imperial Drums (SID) and hope to through a little Magneto compression on them and be on my way.

    Good luck in your search...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    Your best bet is to go to Soundsonline.com and look around. Unfortunately most people around here are primarily into orchestral stuff.

    For Synthy dream pads I'm sure most will recommend Atmosphere from Spectrasonics, I don't have it but everyone whom I talked to that has it loves it.

    For heavy drums you should be fine with DFH 2, if you need loops as well you might look into this sample cd called NU Metal from Ubershall I believe.

    For techno stuff look towards the ProSamples line at soundonline.com with Adrenaline and similiar products.

    The funny thing is that you won't need GigaStudio for any of the above products!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    For noisy synths I would highly recommend ABsynth and also pick up the additional sounds library for it... As for the electronic drums I have heard nothing but praise for Native Instruments Synthetic drums package...you would need to run this through NI Battery or Kontakt...the demos on the NI website are definately akin to NIN industrial sounds. Finally I would also highly reccomend Spectrasonics Atmosphere.

    Good luck with the project.
    Edward W. Trevino
    Dandlewood Productions

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    For the synth part a lot depends on how much you want to play and program.

    For quick and dirty stuff there is ACID and ACID Loop Libraries. Cut and paste. Great for deadlines, but not so good for originality.

    For the complete tweak head there is Reaktor. You can lose yourself in that program! Fortunately, there are lots of presets available to give you a starting place.

    I haven't used Atmosphere, but it seems a good compromise in that it's very flexible and useful, though not as deep as Reaktor. Sometimes less deep is a good thing!

    You can also get synth samples for GigaStudio, and they can be effective, though they are less flexible than a true synth. But at least you can play melodies, unlike ACID Loops which are pre-played.

    BTW, I heard the Scarbee Imperial Drums played through GS3's GigaPulse and other Giga effects at the NAB show. SID could go from soft to mean easily, depending on the effects used. And you could place the "hit" anyplace you want on the drum head or cymbal rim/bell. I don't know that it's the meanest drum kit on the planet, but you can certainly make it sound like it's played by a real human drummer.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    You might also want to take a look at those oldies but goodies, Distorted Reality 1 & 2 from Spectrasonics.

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    Astral, dreamy textures
    I have a recommendation for this...take a look at Spectral Relativity. It is a set of Impulse Responses (IR's) for impulse response processors (like GigaPulse SP or freeware SIR) that can transform ANY (and I really mean any) sound into an ambient wash or a pad. This is by far the most unique way for creating this stuff...


    it's not expensive for what you get...25 bucks for a full CD of impulses...
    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions


    Thanks for the link, Jan. I went over there and was so impressed I had ordered within minutes.

    A lot of good demos there...


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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    Well, there is definitely no shortage of synth plugins on the market. I would say go with the following...

    1) Techno textures
    - Reaktor, Absynth, Atmosphere
    2) Astral, dreamy textures - Atmosphere
    3) Heavy Drums - Drumkit from hell

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    Re: Newbie Sample Package Questions

    Thanks all -- Great stuff to look at.

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