While working with the Kontakt version of the Black Grand, I stumpled onto some disturbing things that I suspect are bugs in Kontakt.
What happens is that when working with several groups, creating new groups, editing parameters in one group also affects other groups.
Here's what I would like you to try:

I'm running Kontakt V1.5.3.010 under WinXP

1. Start Kontakt and edit the default empty instrument
2. Disable "Edit All" open the mapping editor and choose "Show Active"
4. Create a new empty group
5. Name the first group "one" and the one you just created "two"
6. Choose "one" as the active group and add velocity and AHDSR as modulation for Amplifier
7. Choose "two" and do the same there
8. Having "two" as the active group, create a new empty group
9. Set the Attack in the AHDSR to something like 85ms and Velocity to a value around 85 in "one" and Attack around 160ms and Velocity around 25 in "two"
10. Make that group active and name it "three"
11. Add velocity and AHDSR as modulation for Amplifier for the "three" group
12. Make "two" active. Note that this group ALSO have got new Velocity and AHDSR, so that "two" now have a double set of those! You can see the new ones because they have different values than the ones originally created in "two"
12. Remove the AHDSR and Velocity from "three" that are extras leaving the original ones.
13. Go to "three" and change the Attack to a value around 350ms.
14. Go back to "two". Notice that the Attack in "two! ALSO have changed to the value set in "three".

Ok, you get the picture.... building a instrument from scratch is a major PIA!!!!
Could be that I'm doing something wrong here or that I've missed something, (no, Edit All is NOT enabled!), but when working in earlier versions, I haven't had these problems.

Before contacting Native, I would like to confirm this or get my fingers slapped for not doing it right, so if the forum could try this out and just confirm that it works this way it would be great!!!! ....or slap my fingers!