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Topic: Advice needed - files included :)

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    Advice needed - files included :)

    Hello there,

    I'm a GPO newbie (as some might have noticed ), and I'd like to get help on some artistic and technical issues. I find myself beging totally excited by GPO but also not too comfortable because I know I have a lot to learn in terms of orchestration in order to get the most out of it.

    I've been trying to make a very soft legato violins passage. I'm using Violins 1 lush, and Violins 2 lush. I tried to do something convincing using legato and the modwheel. Here's the mp3:

    Pretty short huh
    I don't think it's convincing enough, I find the transitions to be a bit too mechanical... I know there are probably more than one reason to that, the thing is => I'm not trained enough to see it by myself. For instance, I simply don't have a clue how to use the modwheel in a convincing way, how it should behave if it were for real players.

    I'm open to any critique and suggestion to make it sound, both technically and artistically. I can feel the power of GPO right below my fingers but just don't know how to unleash it ! although I think practice and even more practice might be the answer...

    Here is the Sonar file: http://www.ninomojo.com/soft_legato_test.cwp
    And a MIDI file: http://www.ninomojo.com/soft_legato_test.mid

    Thank you very much !

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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    HI Nino

    Your link to the Mp3 is not working.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    Should work now
    Sorry !

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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    Perhaps the technique you are looking for in this case is the use of the sustain pedal for the legato connection...check out the manual and keep practicing!!

    This "old dog" is still having trouble getting used to the mod wheel and that cc for volume!! I sure do like it, though.


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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    The key to convincing legato string arrangement is in
    1) overlapping the notes. Now just how much overlapping depends on the "context" - the ear should be the judge (your passage might sound fine when just strings are playing but when you add the winds and brass and whatnot, it might suddenly sound all wrong...
    2) attack / release. I believe attack is controlled by key velocity in GPO. Again, just the right amount to make it sound good. Find a good compromise that suits you
    3) composition techniques - you might make one part, uh, whats the word, you know, the same note sustained the whole time (damn early to write in foreign lingo )
    The passage in your file is not slow enough to use modwheel on individual notes, rather for adding expression to whole passage

    Play around - I had a number of lucky accidents when experimenting with GPO
    Regards Matt

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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    I don't own a sustain pedal, I should get one then

    Thanks everyone for the advices. I hope I'm gonna run into pretty neat GPO accidents myself then


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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)

    If you don't own a sustain pedal, you can always edit the controller data in your sequencer.
    "A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules,often with the assistence of unsuspecting musicians"

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    Re: Advice needed - files included :)


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