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Topic: Great Giga drum kits?

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    Great Giga drum kits?

    Anybody have any recommendations on some really solid Gigastudio drum sets? I really had my heart set on Scarbee's Imperial Drums, but they aren't for Giga unfortunately...

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    I've been wanting to ask this question as well. I need something a little more economical for the time being anyway. I know some developers have some things on the horizon so I'm just looking for something in the meanwhile. Does anyone have any opinions about WizooSounds drum kits. I was thinking about their Nu Rock kit or that Mega Accoustic Kit or whatever its called.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    Hey Aaron,

    I use Eric Pershings BACKBEAT alot for sketches and often times leave it in for final mix. With Groove control and midi editing of 'performances' it is a real time saver. Hope this helps.

    Having said that, I have my eyes on DFH.


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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    Not looking for loops - multi-sampled giga drum libraries.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?


    DrumKit from Hell - has Giga format as well for less than $100.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    I like the Sonic Implants Drums Series One a lot.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Does anyone have any opinions about WizooSounds drum kits.
    Wizoo's Mixtended drums is very nice, but doesn't come in Giga. Maybe somebody here has converted it.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    There's a demo version of Scarbee Imperial Drums that's included with GS3, so it must be on the way. There's a cool GS3 drum library on the way from Larry Seyer, it's really nice.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    It really depends on the kind of music you're using them for. I would recommend.

    - Drumkit From Hell sounds good for hard rock/metal and can be used for jazz pretty easily.
    - Purrrfect Drums are really good for jazz. Nice cymbals.

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    Re: Great Giga drum kits?

    Does anyone know of a sample library that has good acoustic to be used for some song projects and underscore and electronic kits to be used for electronic film score and songs. I've been looking into StormDrum - are there any others I should look at? DHF looks to be rock/metal oriented from reviews.

    Thanks for any recommendations.


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