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Topic: Which Microphones for good vocals?

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    Which Microphones for good vocals?


    Which Microphones do you like to use for High quality vocals?


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    Re: Which Microphones for good vocals?

    Depends on the vocalist, style of music, etc. I like a U87 through an Avalon 737 for male R&B/jazz style, or C414 for female. Rock, sometimes an SM57 gives the crunch. But in the end, it's (as always) your ears that tell the tale. If you need to purchase, try a dealer that will let you return within 30 days or so.
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    Re: Which Microphones for good vocals?

    Yep, great advice- try the Mic out with your gear to see if it fits your needs.

    I personally like the Soundelux U195 thru my Great River 2NV Pre, very versatile combination for many different styles of music.

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    Re: Which Microphones for good vocals?

    I really like the Octava MK 319. You can probably find them used for 200 bucks.

    Another one that's even better is the AKG Solid Tube. We were doing some demos for a publishing company and had 4 teen pop singers. We had the AKG and a U87 right next to each other. We ended up using the AKG for all 4 singers because it sounded warmer.
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    Re: Which Microphones for good vocals?

    I personally own and use a Audio Technica AT4060 Tube mic through a Focusrite preamp for Vocals, awesome mic for the price, though it's not cheap it's well worth the money.


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    Re: Which Microphones for good vocals?

    If it's just you---

    Make a stereo scratch track of one of your tunes, go to a studio with a huge mic closet, and sing through every mic you can for an hour or two. Take home the tracks, mix them, and see what's best.

    If you're recording different people...you need a variety of mics. You want a U87, probably, or something that sounds remotely like it. You want something that's in the 414 character. The 4050/4060 sound is another basic type. Even a 57 or 58. Royer ribbons are cool sounding, that's another archetypal sound.

    You don't necessarily need the top dog mic in a category, but you need enough variety to be able to get a sound on most good singers (again, if you're "for hire").

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