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Topic: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

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    Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    and why of course. Apologies if this has been done to death, but I couldn't find a similar thread.
    Personally I love Morricone. Just the sheer range of idioms, but it always sounds like Morricone somehow. The scene at the graveyard in TGTB&TU is surely the best marriage ever of motion picture and music. Technically brilliant too.
    And Bernard Herrmann.

    I hate John Williams. Except for Jaws. That was him right? I can't believe the man behind those horrible twee 'fanfares' came up with that masterstroke.
    du du......du du......du du......du du.......dududududududu.
    I mean, that is a shark.
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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    You don't even like the John Williams music from Harry Potter?

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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    You hate John Willaims? I personally love John Williams. The best part is, everytime a new movie that he scored comes out, the soundtrack is even better than his last (well, not always, but I do like his newer stuff more than his older stuff)

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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    Well, to be completely honest, I'm not very fond of American composers anymore with the exception of Elfman (he's the only one who tries to push the boundries IMHO.) I rather like Japanese VG and Anime composers. Particularly, Yoko Kano from the Escaflowne series, Naoki Sato from the X TV series, Yuki Kajiura from the Noir TV series. As far as videogame music is concerned I like Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross fame, Nobuo Uematsu from the Final Fantasy series, Koji Kondo from the Zelda games, Robin Beanland from various Rare games. The list goes on and on. As far as hollow-wood's overrated composers, I guess Elfman and Shore would be about it.

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    Smile Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    I guess I like the main stream composers of the present. I will always say Elfman is my fav just for the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. That one still moves me more than any other I think. Meanwhile, I really like Zimmer, mostly for Gladiator, and of course, my most recent favorite, Howard Shore for the whole LOTR trilogy. What I really dont like is anything from the 80s that made it onto a made-for-tv movie. Yuck! To me, a memorable melody with great harmony and well chosen voicings does it the best. I'm not all that experienced with writing but I know what I like when I hear it.

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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    I actually like John Williams. Reason being is mostly nastalgic I suppose. He has created melodies that have defined some of the biggest movies of all time. Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Superman. Those films helped shape my life when I was a kid and the music simply inspired me. To me, a key to music is whether the melody is memorable and he has certainly caused some permanent memories for me. What would Raiders of the Lost Ark have been without that theme behind it?

    Elfman used to be a favorite, but he has too much sameness going on. Ever since Edward Scissorhands he uses the same minor/diminished cliches he has created. It is a shame because moments like the theme from the Simpsons stand out as shining stars. Then you have his work on the Batman movies. Ugh.

    Horner will always be a favorite for one reason - Braveheart. Probably my favorite soundtrack of all. Titanic had some great moments, for instance the `Hymn to the Sea'.

    Hmmm...upon reading this I realize I am pretty shallow when it comes to film composers. Oh well, I'm pretty shallow when it comes to films too.


    P.S. Joseph, I very much agree with you regarding Nobuo Uematsu. His FF work is terrific.
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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    One of my personal favorites would be Joe Hisiashi, a Japanese composer. I especially recommend him to Joseph Burrell as he's done anime work, although my favorite of his is his soundtrack to Kikujiro no natsu, which is a fantastic film even part from the great soundtrack. Anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out.

    Also, I'm gonna have to go with Philip Glass even though I don't like all of his work.

    Howard Shore's also going to be on mine, especially after hearing the LOTR Symphony (as an aside, for anyone else who went to it: did you find the almost pop tunes that came up a couple times really weird and out of place?)

    Oops, also Hans Zimmer (the music for Gladiator just worked so well for me).

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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    John Williams is also my least favorite... at least for big name composers. My favorite is Thomas Newman.
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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    I like Thomas Newman because his music manages to be both understated and memorable.

    I thought John Williams' score to "Catch Me If You Can" was the best he's ever done, though I seem to be the only person who feels that way.

    I also like Morricone, Hermann, and Rosza.

    As for my least favorite, I really can't answer. If I don't like a score, I generally don't try to find out who the composer was.
    Dan Powers

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    Re: Who's your fav (and least fav) Film Composer?

    "I thought John Williams' score to "Catch Me If You Can" was the best he's ever done, though I seem to be the only person who feels that way."

    Dan, you're not the only person. As far as I'm concerned it was easily his best score - there's not even a close second.


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