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Topic: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    No joke?


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    Angry Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    Hey man.. that's not funny.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    I dont get it.. is this for real or what?

    Also... how will the upgrading work? Must it be bought of Tascam or can I just use my regular european online shop and still get the upgrade?

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    My skeptical/cynical scenario :
    on monday 8/2th, GS3 will be announced as "now shipping" on Tascam's site, and this annoucement in big, bright, blinking red letters, will be followed by this text in tiny, grey letters :
    "your can now order online. Your order will be processed immediately, and so will be your credit card. However, due to summertime reduced staff, and other issues that you do not have to know, please allow about 24 to 26 weeks from now for delivery".

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    I guess important news releases regarding GS are delivered on independent forums by mysterious people identified only by aliases.
    On the cryptic/optimistic side:

    (Scarbee Wurlie + B4 Leslie + GigaPulse "Brightwood Live Room Medium [@perspective -153] + U47 model) x realtime = WHOOOOAAAAAAA, man.

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    Smile Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    I have ordered GS3 direct from Tascam via phone. The sales rep stated Tascam is expecting product to them for shipping on August 9th. By my calendar, that is less than two weeks from now. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you could have product shortly after that date.

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    Talking Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    I have pre ordered GS3 from Music123, who have just emailed me saying that Tascam has advised it will be shipping GS3 to them on 10th August.
    Being a supreme optimist, I will believe this :-))

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    Do I hear 11th of August??? Anyone? Going once... going twice...

    .. wait, hold on, a little bird is trying to tell me something...

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    Re: GS3 Ships Monday 8/2/04

    "GigaStudio 3 will be shipping end of July, 2004."
    Well, at least we know one thing for certain: Tascam is not wasting their resources updating the GS website...

    Sorry for being so negative. I really do hope it works out for the company and everyone dying to get their hands on the new product. I just get the distinct feeling that this product has been rushed since it's announcement earlier this year... Lotta "last minute" stuff going on...

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