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Topic: Mac G5 users question

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    Mac G5 users question

    Hey I am about to buy a G5 2gig
    and heard from someone at the East West
    form that there may be some problems with
    noise leaking into audio, something about
    a ground loop problem.
    Can anyone who owns a G5 2. comment on
    how things are working and let me know
    if it is safe to buy!

    thanks so much!

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    Re: Mac G5 users question

    i had the same problem too. i bought a ground loop plug from radio shack for $3 and it solved the proble. it has 3 holes on one end and 2 plugs on the other end. you just plug the g5 power cable into the unit and then the unit into your ac wall socket.

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    Re: Mac G5 users question

    Also, i think the problem was isolated in the first generation G5's -- from what i've heard it is no longer an issue.

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    Re: Mac G5 users question

    I have a first generation and have never had this problem. I do know that it exists in some models, but it's easily fixed. Anyhow, this baby rocks, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I were you!

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    Re: Mac G5 users question

    A company called Ebtech makes ground loop isolators that work very well, too. I've got one plugged into the breakout box of my Aardvark PCI interface, and it totally silenced the "noise". It's more expensive than the Radio Shack stuff, but if you need to patch something inline with you audio it's totally transparent.

    I think Apple has a support document on the whole issue...do a search on their support page for "ground loop".

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    Re: Mac G5 users question

    One more thing...the solution usbyte suggested sounds more like a ground "lifter", not a ground loop eliminator. You don't want to just cut out the ground line on a beast like the G5...it's unsafe for you and the computer.

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