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Topic: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

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    Talking Lastufka ABG Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!


    I just picked up the Lastufka Acoustic Bass Guitar library. I didn’t even know that there was such an instrument! I thought to myself “Wow! Bring an acoustic guitar AND an acoustic bass to the beach? Cool!” I quickly discovered that it works really well in any context including stuff with an edge to it. So, I decided to run the gamut and throw it into various settings. Cool Stuff!!!

    In any case here is the result. I had a blast!

    It is called “Roasting Marshmallows in the Stars”


    Hope you like
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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Great demo, Brian! Really good stuff.

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Very cool. I love the production, and the bass sounds great. Hardly gives me the vision of roasting marshmallows in the stars, though. Hahah.

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Oh my god, I'm in love with this library...

    Now just to find some money for it
    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Wow! Our very first user demo - proud moment for me indeed!

    Brian, the track sounds AWESOME! Good work with the lib, sorry the download speed was a little slow when you bought it...

    Would it be okay to put this on the LastLibs site?
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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Brian, this is freakin awesome. I just placed my order a few minutes ago and now I can't wait to start downloading.

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    yeh sounds cool, but compositionwise it does sound like 3 songs connected.

    i don't see a complete relation between these three parts, like the change at 0:57 and then 1:27 and at the end you just repeat all three parts again.

    so you could get much more out of this.

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    Listen to RUSH and you will get it

    Cool stuff 2112.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!


    if you mean me with listening to rush

    ... i got sh*tloads of albums of rush, yes, dream theater, return to forever, gambale, holdsworth etc, but the songs are all connected and thats what a good song should be

    you can have the weirdest parts and harmonies connected and there is no wrong chord which could be attached to another chord, but if you listening to especially rush-albums, you hear that the parts preparing each other to lead into the next one. a song could have 7 or more parts like tom sawyer etc, but they are all compatible to each other ... thats what i wanted to explain to brian.

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    Re: Roasting Marshmallows Demo!!!!!!!

    I just meant that this track is very RUSH influenced. Many of their tracks have that "open the door to studio B" type arrangement.
    That's a quote from an interview with Geddy Lee discussing how they try to make parts come out of no where.

    It's all good and it's always nice to meet a RUSH fan
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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