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Topic: Ethnic Vocals

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    Ethnic Vocals

    Are there any Ethnic Vocal multisample libraries where you can play melodies, etc just like choir libraries or are they all just phrases?

    I'm not sure if Vocal Planet is the former or latter. Any other options as well?

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    Re: Ethnic Vocals

    There is some of both on this set. Additionally, some of the phrases are in different keys as well. There used to be a PDF floating around that described the collection fairly well.... maybe at the Spectrasonics website.... don't know where it is now.

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    Re: Ethnic Vocals

    I think most ethnic libraries are phrases. I cant recall multisampled ones, unless its different phrases mapped across the keyboard. Vocal Planet has a few multisampled stuff, but I think the ethnic part is mostly phrases.

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    Re: Ethnic Vocals

    Yeah it's phrases. But you could probably do some amazing things with it in Melodyne.

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