Hey all.

I pre-ordered about a month ago (next day air) so I figured I'd call TASCAM last night.

I talked with "Tomas" in sales, who was a very nice guy, and who sounded obviously fatigued. He said the new release date might be around 8-12-04 and it might be shipped out and in hands around 8-19-04. Now he said that nothing is concrete and even he mentioned that "the story around here changes on a daily basis."

I have to praise him for being very helpful and honestly concerned (I have a project due very soon).

BUT here is the good news.

I had pre-ordered the Full version of Gigastudio 3 Solo for $199.
He changed it to GigaStudio 2.5 32 for $99 WITH a REDUCED upgrade price of $60 when Gigastudio 3 Solo comes out.

The normal Upgrade price is $129

That's a pretty good deal.

So even though they are really behind, at least they are taking care of the customers.

Call 'em up -- get a deal for all our trouble.