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Topic: giga teleport w/sx?

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    Angry giga teleport w/sx?

    right now tth only thing that is maxed out is my patience!
    i get no VSt instruments when i insatll giga teleport on my host and nothing in my plugin directory. what gives? am i installing it wrong??
    anyone got it working with cubase sx ?

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    Re: giga teleport w/sx?

    On my system, it installed in "vstplugins", even though my VST folder was "vst Plugins". I just added "vstpugins" as an additional location.

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    Unhappy Re: giga teleport w/sx?

    i have it going to a normal program directory.( c - program giga teleport)
    is that right? should be going into the vst folder? i assumed it would install them into the vst folder - ( like some other apps do) i tried copying them to the vst folder-- no luck.

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    Smile Re: giga teleport w/sx?

    just a post for those that may run into this down the line teleport installed 2 folders in my program directory. so i pointed Sx to that. and now it sees it.

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