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Topic: Today's stupid question

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    Today's stupid question

    How exactly does one use the mod wheel with GPO Studio? I've been using the program in combination with Overture SE and don't understand how you would input with the mod wheel unless you were playing from a keyboard. What basic operation am I completely missing here?

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    Re: Today's stupid question

    You cannot enter continuous mod wheel data in Overture, but there are ways to control it. All the options/markings in the dynamics menu are able to control mod wheel data along with other dynamics. Examples being (ppp, pp, fz, fff, decres, cres, hairpins, etc.)

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    Re: Today's stupid question

    OK, so if you're using a notation program or sequencer, a mod wheel is useless?

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    Re: Today's stupid question

    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt
    OK, so if you're using a notation program or sequencer, a mod wheel is useless?
    Perhaps in a notation program, but certainly not in a sequencer. If you are playing the parts in live, it is of immense value.


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    Re: Today's stupid question

    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt
    OK, so if you're using a notation program or sequencer, a mod wheel is useless?
    Hey Gardibolt,
    No, in a SEQUENCER, like Cubase, Logic or Digital Performer- the Mod wheel is VITAL.

    But the Modwheel doesn't work when entering notes in Overture or Finale. But you can go back in those notation programs and edit that data in. (i.e. crescendos, etc.) So that it will PLAY BACk the correct modwheel data when playing your notation.

    Does that help clarify?

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    Re: Today's stupid question

    Ummm, not really. If I'm entering the notes in a sequencer (as opposed to playing the part), how does that interact with the mod wheel? I don't see the difference between that and a notation program.

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    Re: Today's stupid question


    Once the notes are entered you can go back and “draw in” the necessary controller data in the graphic display of your sequencer, shaping the dynamics of your parts. You can enter all types of data conveniently after-the-fact: mod wheel (cc1), sustain pedal (cc64), portamento (cc20), etc.

    One piece of advice though: Do yourself a favor and eventually add a controller keyboard of some kind. There are many very inexpensive choices out there that give you mod wheel, pitch wheel, and many assignable sliders/knobs. I’ve got an M-Audio MK449c that does the job nicely as a secondary controller and it only cost about $190. These make the job of working with GPO considerably easier and more intuitive at the same time. The next update will have additional MIDI controllers so the advantages of a controller keyboard with assignable sliders become even more pronounced.


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    Re: Today's stupid question


    The reason I was asking was because I was trying to figure out whether such an acquisition would do me any good, since I just use sequencer & notation programs. But so far the answer seems to be no, so I'm not sure why I should bother. What am I missing? The information in this thread seems contradictory. For what we do, playing the piece in is not an option.


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    Re: Today's stupid question

    Hi Gardibolt,

    I don't know if this will help you out but, I just built a web page with a short Mod Wheel tutorial for Overture.


    Good luck.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Today's stupid question

    Pete/88 Fingers:

    MANY, MANY THANKS for that little tutorial. That's exactly the kind of extremely useful (not to mention critical) thing that should be in the documentation for these programs, but isn't. Simple, to the point, and tells you exactly what you need to know in practical terms.

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