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Topic: Bank Select, Program Change-Help Please

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    Bank Select, Program Change-Help Please

    I'd like to know how I can make Finale and Gigastudio use instruments on multiple banks.
    I have edited instruments where for instance, strings use bank 0, winds bank 1, brass 2, etc... so I'm not limited to 127 instrument programs. I've had trouble getting Finale to load instrument programs from banks other than Bank 0.
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated - or please let me know if there is a better route than the one I'm trying.

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    Re: Bank Select, Program Change-Help Please

    I can't help on the Finale side (I have Sibelius/Cake), but I've done a similar mapping (instruments on banks, articulations on programs) and it's really nice.

    Best of luck getting Finale to agree with your mapping. I'm confindent that it can be done. You will likely find the effort worthwhile.

    I seem to remember that Finale has forums. I'd bet they can help out.

    -Jon Fairhurst

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