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Topic: buy an used LCD monitor ?

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    buy an used LCD monitor ?

    hey all, does anyone experience buying an used LCD monitor ? what should I check on the monitor before buying it ? how big of risk that it will dead after I bought it ? is it have any fact that I could check ? Thanks.

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    Re: buy an used LCD monitor ?

    You have to look out for discolorations (if it's really bad) or dead pixels (light or dark spots), otherwise it should be fine. I bought a used one that has one dead pixel, and it really doesn't matter, but if it has 20 that's another matter.

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    Re: buy an used LCD monitor ?

    discolorations? how could I check that ? two more question, I heard that LCD monitor max can be use about 3years, is it true ? also, I also saw some LCD mark as 600:1 and 400:1, what is that ? does it matter ? Thanks.

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