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Topic: Keyboard Stands ?

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    Keyboard Stands ?

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    I'm got a Kawai MP9500 which is stood on a a Quik-Lok WS-550.

    It is stable, however I get lateral wobble which is very off putting when playing more intense classical passages (Brahms, Rach etc)..

    It's not huge - but it's enough to put me off...

    Can anyone recommend a stand that does not wobble at all, in any direction?


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    Re: Keyboard Stands ?

    Ultimate Support, depending on how you design your stand. You can put their stuff together in lots of ways, which makes it a great investment, since we're constantly changing equipment. I'm still using US hardware I bought 16 years ago - in a completely different configuration (a sliding desktop over my controller keyboard). They call it Thinkertoys.

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