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Topic: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

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    Question Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    I'm a newbie guy at all this electronic music stuff. Well, not too new. I have an Ensoniq ASR-10 and I use an old version of Finale to score my music. I have listened to some of the Orchestra samples by Garritan Orchestra and am amazed. I don't know where to go from here. I keep seeing references to Kontakt, GigaStudio, and other programs. I would like to keep the ASR-10 as my MIDI controller (so I don't have to buy a new one). Can anyone out there give me some tips on how to ideally put it all together? Sorry if vague, maybe with some responses I'll be able to better express it all. Thanks for your expertise.

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    Re: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    The first thing you should try to do is post in the correct forum. Try the one at the top that says "Sample Libraries Discussion"
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    Smile Re: Gigastudio

    Sorry if I am not in the right forum. I had hoped to find out more about GigaStudio in the context of my overall question - mainly because I know very little about GigaStudio, and what it even is. Perhaps you can shed some light?
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    Re: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    I took your question to be more along the lines of integration with a notation program and other studio components - that sounded more general to me. Also, Garritan Personal Orchestra is a separate instrument with a host of support applications that come with it - including Cubase SE - a decent cross-platform sequencer to learn with. So it's not a topic that is directly related to GigaStudio (although I have both)

    Think of GigaStudio (or Kontakt, or HALion, etc) like a software version of the ASR-10, with connections to your notation program and sequencer being totally inside the computer. The ASR-10 can be used as a MIDI controller, but the utility of it for sound production would be limited, as GigaStudio would cover most of what you're looking for - depending on the version you get and the strength of your computer. It also might depend on the libraries you currently have for the ASR and how you might decide to convert them to some other format.

    It's not that big of a leap, but you'd do well to study up and make you decisions carefully.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Question Which would you recommend?

    Houston, I checked out your website and listened to some demos. Wow! I realize I am a minnow in a sea of really big fish (so thanks for your patience). I will definitely be doing some research before I buy - perhaps this wasn't the best place to start doing that research - but for reference do you prefer GigaStudio to the others you mentioned? Any particular reasons why?

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    Re: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    Right now, I prefer either HALion3 *or* Kontakt to GigaStudio, just because VST instruments are totally integrated into my sequencing environment. Where GigaStudio sits in a computer outside of the sequencer (either on a seperate machine or side by side with a sequencing app on the same machine), VST instruments are brought up *inside* the sequencer and all a settings are saved with the project. On most other technological grounds I find all of these apps to be relatively equal. I'm fortunate that I have the three big players in my studio, so I get to have the best of all worlds.

    If you held a gun to my head, I'd would have probably picked Kontakt, because of it's resynthesis functions, seamless alternation and legato mode and ability to load Garritan Personal Orchestra. But HALion3 has made a good impression in the past few days with the latest version. I have a bank of sounds that include imports of both Kontakt and Giga sounds that perform flawlessly. Giga3 will probably work its way back into my setup, but it will probably be in a reduced role.
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    Re: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    Just to clarify, Finale doesn't support VST, so if your plan is to continue with Finale as your "sequencer", VST support is not an issue.

    What version are you using?

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    Re: Kontakt, Garritan, Finale, Ensoniq ASR-10

    Using old version of Finale (3.0 actually) but will be upgrading to 2004 soon, although I have heard some good things about Sibelius and I think GPO has some kind of notation software bundled with it but not sure much about it. Thanks, to everybody who has responded, for your input.

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