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Topic: A new theme...

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    A new theme...

    Hello all,

    Here is a new piece I finished, it has been accepted and will go in game for "Morning's Wrath". Please give me some feedback.


    Thanks in advance,

    Adam Frechette

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    Re: A new theme...


    beautiful balance and control on crescendos
    loved cello textures near the end
    piano clear and natural sounding.

    I enjoyed this lyrical piece. It is for a game??

    ::::: Opera :::::

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    Re: A new theme...

    Yeah it is for Morning's Wrath - Action/Adventure RPG: http://www.etherealdarkness.com .

    Thanks for listening,

    Adam Frechette

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    Re: A new theme...

    Hey Adam,

    I couldn't open this one. Is everything working OK from your end? Thanks.


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    Re: A new theme...

    I had some trouble too but it seems to be working now that I'm at home. Maybe a browser compatibility issue?

    It sounds good. Reminds me of that game Legend of Zelda for some reason. I like the flute part around 0:50. Keep up the good music.

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