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Topic: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

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    Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    I tried to call the sales department and i get an answering machine that says Giga 3 will ship at the end of July. does anyone have it yet? Is it shipping? Why doesn't someone answer their phones?


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    Thumbs down Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    It looks like G3 might be a reality very soon, but heck, that's what I thought this time last last year. Or this time two, three years ago. For the life of me, I don't see a company can operate this way and be successful.

    G3 looks very promising, but at this point I am finding more and more reasons not to buy it. I just do not like Tascam's BS.

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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    They're closed on the weekends. They should have updated the answering machine message though.

    The Gold Master DVDs are completed. Now they're out for duplication. It sounds like it will be shipping on or around August 16th. I pre-ordered my upgrade last week.


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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    I was able to reach them them during the week around 9:30 am West Coast time (PTD).


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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?


    And here is why,

    (1) masters just got to the duplicators??? We don't know that to be true. do you think Tascam would even think of letting anyone in on their little syp game. Not on your life.

    (2) Once the duplicators have it and put it in their production schedule ( what do you think, the duplicators just stopped all of their other work and waited for weeks on end to recieve tascams little bundle of joy.... gimmie a break,). it could be weeks before they actually make the DVD's

    (3) After that they have to package it for shipping

    (4) get it to resellers

    (5) and on and on it goes...

    They may indeed beat October by a few weeks but it won't be by much. Unless Tascam plans on doing all of this work themselves with their little Tascam elves.

    I said October, last April and i was bombarded by posts that we saying end of May or early June at the very latest, yeah, right.

    Tascam is going to have this in our hands so we can work with it just about 6 months AFTER we were told it would be ready.

    What does it matter to me you ask? Well one reason is, i went out and built a new PC based on the specs we were given and now everything has progressed another half year and i would make different choices now for building a giga PC. I wanted to buy a new Piano library but have been putting it off and putting it off because the "giga is coming" mantra on this board is relentless.

    I love Gigastudio and nothing could keep me from upgrading. I just feel the need to let Tascam know that i for one am not fooled by them and i don't like the way they do business.

    I know you don't care Tascam, but you should.


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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?


    I think it all depends on the duplicator. I hear that the packaging is done. As long as Tascam reserved a spot in the queue, a week or two doesn't seem out of the ordinary. I followed the release of Sibelius 3 (from the UK, granted) and the timeline was similar.

    I ordered my copy directly from Tascam, so I hope thier "elves" are on alert status. Thankfully I won't have to wait for overseas shipments or anything like that.

    May, June and July weren't right. I'm hoping that October isn't the right date either.

    Still waiting for the list of libs though...


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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    September is more likely. DVD replication should not take more than two weeks. I got DVD-9s replicated in two weeks for my own project. Tascam is a big company, presumably they can get an even better schedule.

    If we don't see it by September it's because they're lying to us about the gold masters, not because of replicator delays.

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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    Thanks for the words of encouragement people. I hope i'm dead wrong. I'm so stoked for this new version of Giga it's driving me nuts. I'v held off getting Altiverb just because of Gigpulse.

    hoping for September


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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    Doesn't Tascam make duplicators???? Maybe they could make em themselves!!!

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    Re: Anyone have Giga 3 yet?

    "I'v held off getting Altiverb just because of Gigpulse."

    You played right into their marketing ploy.

    "Doesn't Tascam make duplicators????"

    Duplication is when you simply burn DVD-Rs. These discs will be "Replicated", i.e. manufactured, stamped, normal DVDs that you buy in a store. At least I hope they will!

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