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Topic: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

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    Smile Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Hi there,

    Alan Lastufka sent me a NFR copy of his new bass library to see if I would write a demo. I have to say – right out of the box – I loved the ‘rawness’ of this Library. As many of you, I have many other ‘bass library’ options that I own, but this seemed to cover some new ground.

    Each sample is not overly tuned (aseptic) and in combination with the FX/Perc/Slides there is some real life in here.

    This short 1 minute cue is kind of the first thing that popped up (highly improvisational). Although, I think this bass library could well cover that more traditional ‘bass’ uses – it just struck me to write something a little quirkier.

    The demo is raw – no EQ was added on this library or any of the other instruments used (piano, accordion, and Darbuk). But my intention (as a buyer of libraries) was to provide a exposed, ‘naked’ demo and not smother it with tons of other instruments and effects /EQ. This is literally right of the box. My thinking is that different potential buyers have varying levels of equipment, plugins, years experience engineering, etc.

    The only affect I used was SIR (available for free on the net). I washed just a little of the PCM90 IR “Large Room” over the whole mix.


    (edit: sorry had the wrong title - this one suits the piece much better - "6 Monkeys and 2 Chimps")

    Rob Elliott

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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Sounds really good!!!

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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo


    Alan truly did a great job with this library and you definately bring that to the surface.

    I think this is a great representation of how the ABG truly sounds and performs. Many demos hide the instruments so much in the mix, so you have illustrated the use of this library very realistically.

    Well done


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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Hey thanks Lux and Dave,

    When I first played this library I found myself kind of giggling - I guess I just wasn't expecting ANY kind of new bass library to different from the many options I had already. It was a pleasant surprise.


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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Truly remarkable sounding bass! I love the sound.... especially from .18 thru .24 when the bass is kinda playing in the forefront of the song. Hey Alan, you really did a most excellent job sampling that beautiful instruments! And Rob, very cool demo..... (I love the dissonance in the piano part) Impressive demo for a wonderful sounding sampled bass library! Good job! .......... Gary

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    Wink Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Hey Gary thanks a lot. I love playing the piano with my elbows

    I did forget to mention that I used many of the Library's percussive samples, FX's, etc. Other than the brief use of the Darbuk (Tob's) - all the percussive FXs are from this bass library.


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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo


    Thanks again for the great demo! It's nice to hear someone use the percussive effects, they are personally my favorite part of the library.

    And thanks for your kind comments, I'm really happy you enjoy the lib!
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

    20 Things

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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    GREAT demo. Really shows off the sound of this terrific bass.

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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    linky no worky...

    Actually, nobody's links are working. Must be a problem on this end.

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    Re: Lastufka-ABG-Library - official demo

    Works on my end. Nice demo, not my cup of tea by any means, but the bass sounds excellent.

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