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Topic: orchestra with real-sounding intonation

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    orchestra with real-sounding intonation

    Greetings from new forum person -- I have been using Garritan orchestral strings for awhile, and with them as with all sampled sounds, the relentlessly equal-tempered tuning bothers me. So it seemed possible to tune every note, just like orchestra players do. Examples now online at my soundclick.com page, www.soundclick.com/guglielmo or go straight to one of them with this link : http://www.soundclick.com/util/strea...D=1479559&q=Hi

    Made with GOS, Kurzweill 2600, Seidleczek Orchestra, Gigastudio, and Sonar.

    Comments appreciated, about tuning, composing, sample use, or anything!


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    Re: orchestra with real-sounding intonation

    Should have given the mp3 download link, as follows:


    the one above is a 'streaming' link which may not last after today.

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    Re: orchestra with real-sounding intonation

    Listened to the top one. Is that a vocoder on a choir sample? Nice piece. Sounds very synthy all over though. Intentionally I guess?
    "A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules,often with the assistence of unsuspecting musicians"

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    Re: orchestra with real-sounding intonation

    Deadbeat, it sounds synthy, for sure -- it is all made with gigastudio, sonar, and kurzweil 2600. The choir samples are Voices of the Apocalypse (VOTA), with laborious placement of vowel and consonants. I'm trying to make it all sound less and less synthy -- should have heard my first efforts! Any comments for improvement?

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    Re: orchestra with real-sounding intonation

    Should also have pointed out that the recording with a full orchestra is third down on the page; that first song is more a chamber work, and does not use the GOS (uses AO solo violin and 'cello, as I recall).

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