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Topic: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

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    Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    I'm wondering if I should buy an expression-pedal to control CC11 or just use the mod-wheel. What do you guys use? I remember reading an article about James Newton Howard using an expression pedal to control CC11. I don't need to do everything that the big boys does, but man that particular midi mockup (The Egg Travels) is one of the best midi-orchestrations I have ever heard. Perhaps an expression pedal is more accurate than a mod-wheel? An expression pedal would also give you more space when you ride it up or down as opposed to a mod-wheel... I mean, it is physically longer between 0 and 127 on a pedal than 0 and 127 on the mod-wheel, right?

    Tell me what you use and why you think it is the best way to controll CC11...


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    Re: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    BTW, I was wondering if anyone of you could recommend me a good midi-keyboard that has got an expression pedal jack input. I was thinking about the Roland Edirol (somethin)80 with 61 keys. It has got this input but the roland mod-wheels sucks. Anyway, it has a lot of sliders/faders that may be assigned to CC11? Anyone know anything about this?

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    Re: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    I have the keyboard that you are looking at. I personally assign the 'portamento time' (you can change the labels to suit) controller for mod controller in my sequencer. Of course your own software may differ in its techniques.

    Nothing wrong with the actual mod wheel btw, i just prefer to be able to take my finger off and have it maintain the same level while i move over press the 'portamento on/off' button that is assigned to legato or perhaps slide the 'aftertouch' controller that is assigned to portamento.

    Sounds a little confusing but i just can't be arsed to chance the labels!
    Its got its own programming software so you can change the controllers at the hardware level, but i have no need for it with FL Studio. I think Sonar has some programming element for this hasnt it? Not sure about Cubase though.

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    Question Re: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    Lympyhed; sounds a bit complicated? Do you know about any other midi-keyboards that has got both a mod-wheel (a wheel, not a stick) and a expression controll input? Btw, I should mention that I'm not going to use the keyboard via USB so it must have a normal power-supply... I read somewhere that you had to use the Roland Edirol synth with USB, but this can't be true??? However, on the same site, they said that the Midi-keyboard comes with a powersupply, so I honestly don't know what to believe...

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    Re: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    Nah its quite easy actually for me at least. Load up a Midi-Out channel, choose one of the onscreen sliders\knobs, click configure and then wiggle the slider\knob of my choice on the keyboard. I'm not sure how the programming utility works though, but it does come with preset files you can upload to the keyboards flash ram for different sequencers.

    It comes with a USB connector that can draw power from the PC, but it also comes with a power supply that you can plug in - theres a switch on the back for off,usb power,dc power. It also has standard midi ports if you do not wish to use USB at all. If you do use USB, i might suggest the purchase of a longer USB cable as the blue thing it comes with is a little short.

    Before i bought this keyboard, i had a good look around. I wanted one with at least the same number of keys as my previous Yamaha - that was your usual GM keyboard with umpteen cheesy demos, but with midi in/out support . There are much smaller keyboards that have lots of sliders, but it depends on what octave range you need at immediate reach and of course space.

    It should not be that hard to program it to sort your needs anyway. What sequencer do you use?

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    Re: Which EXPRESSION-controller?

    I use Cakewalk Pro 8.0, but I should seriously consider to change to Sonar 3.0 anytime soon. I have tried Cubase, but I think Cakewalk is the easiest to use. Plus, I know the functions inside-out...

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