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Topic: upgrade options

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    upgrade options

    First things first, hello everybody I'm new here. I hope yr all having a lovely summer evening, at least I am here in the uk.

    Here goes.

    I have been writing, performing and generally dabling with music, both computer based and live, for years. Now that I am a film student, I'm finding that more and more people are asking me for music requests. You know: something emotional eh.. with strings. duh. Anyways people seem to like what i do, even managed to get paid a couple of times. I don't want to be a composer, however I do really really enjoy it. BUT my complete hotchpotch of a synthesiser/sample/music creation system is simply not up to scratch.

    So I here ae some questions related to my proposed upgrades. Oh and please remember I am a student - poor, unemployable, poor, for gods sakes I'm on a gigastudio forum and I don't even own the damn thing, poor.

    The computer itself is fine: 2.8 p4, 1 gig ram, 80x2 hdd.
    My main sequencer is cubase

    Oh the type of music i make covers pretty much everything, but treat this post as mainy related to orchestral stuff as i have the other bases covered.

    Question 1.
    For orchestral music, do i go for a sampler, or a sample based vsti. Stupid question i know: get yerself GS3 and VSL. Nope cant afford it. So here are my options. GS 2.5 32 or 96 voices plus whatevers left of my budget for a sample library. Or a good vsti such as garritan or edirol orchestral.
    My main concern about vsti is the poorer sound quality and the fact that it is not very upgradeable or expandable. My main concern with GS is that 32 or 96 voices aren't that many, also the useability of it.

    Question 2.
    If I get a vsti. which one? I know this is a very broad, subjective question. The main options as far as I know, are Edirol, Garritan and the one from East West. Garritan is the cheapest, but something about the whole 'you can do articulations with your controller' sounds a bit dodgy to me. I'm leaning towards East-West as they have some very good reviews.

    Question 3.
    If I go the sampler route is there a sampler out there that has more voices than GS 32 for the same cheap as chips price.

    Question 4.
    Are there any better options out there.

    If you got to the end of this give yourself a pat on the back for patience.

    any replies will be seriously welcome, and much appreciated.


    p.s. i've posted on giga forum as well because I wasn't sure where it belongs so apologies if you've seen this already.

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    Re: upgrade options

    Given your student status and given all of the posts I have read on this forum, I would suggest either Garritan Personal Orchestra or East West Symphonic Library Silver Edition.

    Under US $300 range

    Unfortunately orchestral samples/sample libraries seem to fit the "you get what you pay for" model. The next step above these causes a significant cost increase (US $1000)

    US $1000
    EWQLSO Gold
    VSL Opus 1***
    With OPUS you would also have to add the cost of Gigastudio itself

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