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Topic: Maple Virtual Midi Cable

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    Maple Virtual Midi Cable

    Jeff, where are you!

    I can't get this thing to work at all. I can't find a dll it's looking for, mapla95.dll I think is the one. What am I doing wrong. I got the installer off your site and I'm running XP and trying to get this thing to route midi data from Overture SE to Kontakt. The ports show up in Overture and Kontakt, but when I click on the icon it errors out. Kontakt also crashes when I try to use it with those ports.

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    Re: Maple Virtual Midi Cable

    I had truoble with Kontakt crashing also. In the kontakt settings I made sure that the routing was set up to my sound card. Then I went into midi and turned on "Maple midi in" in the Input interface and turned off "Maple midi out" in the Output interface.

    Also I only have the Maple virtual cable installed and not the Maple midi tools.

    I don't know if this will help you. If you want we can go over it in the garritan chat room or something.
    Best of luck.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: Maple Virtual Midi Cable

    Hmmm... Well I realized that I had been installing the Midi tools all along. So I installed just the midi cable. Still crashes in Kontakt though. The ports are turned off for output and it crashes, so I turned them on and it crashed. Not sure what to do. No sound or nothing. There was activity though (I think.) Well, I'm at a loss.

    Looks like it might be a loop back issue with Overture.

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    Re: Maple Virtual Midi Cable


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    Re: Maple Virtual Midi Cable


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