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Topic: Problem when using Giga and V-stack

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    Problem when using Giga and V-stack

    I have problem which makes some of giga patch sounds delayed or
    not playing when I'm using V-Stack and Giga in one computer at the
    same time.

    This is my set up.
    I'm using Pro tools for main sequencer on Mac and send midi signal
    through midi interface to a PC(AMD 2500+ overclocked to 3200+, RME9636, 1GB of Ram).
    On the PC, I'm running V-Stack and Giga studio same time.
    When I only use Giga studio on PC, everything works perfect, but when
    I try with V-Stack (using Triology, Atmosphere,,,etc), some of sounds from
    Giga doesn't play on time or delayed.

    Is it problem of ram? or too much to handle for one computer?
    or buy another midi interface to use each Giga and V-Stack seperately?

    Is there anybody have this problems?
    If I can fix this problem with less money (buy more ram or another midi
    interface..), I'll be really happy, before simply build another computer...

    Help me!!! please!!!

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    Re: Problem when using Giga and V-stack

    you have to use different outputs. rme cards are multiclient ready but you canot
    route on the same output. also you have to deactivate the outs in vstack u used in giga.

    give for example 1-2 3-4 to giga and 5-6 7-8 to vstack.

    that should help

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