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Topic: any hope of running 3.0 on Win2K?

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    any hope of running 3.0 on Win2K?

    I understand that Tascam is not supporting 3.0 on anything but XP, but anyone have any affirmations that 3.0 does in fact run on Win2K? I know early reports were suggesting it was running on 2K. As you know, just about everything else does that runs on XP. I am quite happy with 2K for Giga 96, and would rather not have to move to XP if I don't have to.



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    Re: any hope of running 3.0 on Win2K?

    personally i have never heard of a XP app Not working on 2000. the question for me ( my giga is on windows 2k too) is stability , support and authorization issues.

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