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Topic: Pitch?

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    Question Pitch?

    Hi to all,
    I have a single hi hat sample which is located in four splits on the same note. I wish to change the pitch of all four individually and control the selected sample via velocity which will give the impression of four different samples via the pitch or tuning.
    So a velocity of 80 on the second split should be a similar vol/level as the first @ 100 third @65 & fourth @ 40. I used to use an EMU 4 which had a thing called random pitch, which continuously changed the pitch within a given range and it sounded like 10 different samples, and was very realistic. Any thoughts on this will be most appreciated
    Thanks in advance
    Bryan H

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    Re: Pitch?

    You will need to open the hi hat file in the editor and make a new gig file. There are lots of options. You could change the tuning based on velocity, mod wheel or some other control. I don't think that there's a random function though.


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    Thanks for that, but the hi hat samples reside in my drum gig file, which is my standard set. Are you suggesting I make up a gig file specifically for Hi Hats, and run that on channel ten also? I'm not sure how that would work, as the notes used may as well be in the main file, however the possible use of velocity to control tuning sounds a really good option. Could you give me an overview how that is done please. Look forward to your comment.. regards Bryan

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    Re: Pitch?

    I'm away from my GS machine, so this is general...

    Open your .gig file in the editor and save it under a new name.

    Select the region (notes) that you want to affect. (Probably F#, G#, A# for the hi-hat).

    Take a look at the bottom panes. You will find out how many velocity layers are used, and what sample names they have. You may need to select the notes above independently to see the different samples. Jot these names down.

    You then change the number of velocity layers. As I recall this is done by clicking above the boxes that show the samples. You might go to, say, eight.

    Each velocity layer of each note must point to a sample. Use the sample names that you jotted down earlier.

    Now select a single note, and a single velocity layer. You can now de-tune each one independently.

    Once done, save the gig. It may take a while. Be patient.

    Sorry that my memory isn't more specific. Good luck!


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